Griptape is not just an ordinary material - it is a key element of every stunt scooter. But what exactly is this sandpaper? This is a specially designed paper that provides not only grip, but also control and confidence while driving.


It is worth choosing griptape from our Above Scooters brand for several reasons:

Excellent grip: Our griptape has been carefully designed to provide incredible grip, even in extreme conditions. This ensures that your scooter will be stable when performing tricks and acrobatics.

Durability and strength: We use only the highest quality materials, which makes our griptape extremely durable and abrasion-resistant. No matter how hard you ride, Above Scooters grip tape will last for a long time.

Easy application: Thanks to the appropriate thickness and flexibility, our griptape is easy to apply, which allows for precise adjustment to each scooter. No worries about blisters or unevenness.

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