Above Titanium Libra steering wheel

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The Above Libra Titanium T bar is made of grade 9 seamless titanium tubes, which have one of the highest strength-to-weight ratios of any metal alloy.

The steering wheel is TIG welded in a carefully controlled environment,
where oxygen cannot get in and react with the molten titanium, ensuring the purity of the alloy.

The steering wheel is carefully CNC engraved with the ABOVE marking, which ensures a clean and elegant look that matches the RAW color.

An additional advantage is the lines on the ends of the steering wheel to be able to cut it exactly to your needs - lines every 5mm (0,2 inch) on each side.

The Above team has been testing this bar all over the past year and it turned out to be their favorite bar, with an excellent weight-to-durability ratio!


  • 700mm high x 600mm wide
  • Weight: 846 grams
  • Compatible with oversize SCS
  • CNC engraved logo
  • Titanium Raw color


Designed in Poland!


* 3-month warranty on welds and manufacturer's defects